In addition to Plenary and Keynote talks, it is planned that 18 micro-symposia spanning the field of crystallography from structural biology, crystal engineering to materials science will be held in three parallel sessions.  The tentative list of topics the three parallel sessions include:

Area 1. Structural Biology:

Membrane proteins (MS-1) area1
Macromolecular complexes and assemblies (MS-4)
New tools and methods in structural biology (MS-7)
Drug discovery/disease related proteins (MS-10)
Hot structures in biology (MS-13)
Enzymes and enzyme inhibitors (MS-16)

Area 2. Chemical Crystallography and Materials Science:

Metallo-organic structural chemistry (MS-2) area2
Chemical crystallography - structure and properties (MS-5)
Dynamic aspects of molecular and solid state crystals (MS-8)
Magnetic structures/molecular magnets (MS-11)
Nanomaterials and energy-related materials (MS-14)
Crystal growth and engineering (MS-17)


Area 3. Specialized Techniques:

Diffraction physics and applications (MS-3) area3
Electron microscopy and diffraction (MS-6)
Neutron sources, instrumentation and applications (MS-9)
Synchrotron sources, instrumentation and applications (MS-12)
X-FEL and diffraction imaging (MS-15)
Small angle scattering and other solution techniques (MS-18)


Abstracts may be submitted on these or other topics relating to crystallography.

(Please indicate (MS19) Other, if a submitted Oral abstract does not fit the specialized areas listed)