Hong Kong is an international destination with reasonably open access for nationals of many countries; however some may require visa before entry. The details of visa requirements and visa-free length of stay may be found on the Hong Kong SAR government website.

The regulations pertaining to passport holders of most delegates to AsCA are listed below;

Country Period of Visa-free Stay Visa Required
Australia 90 days  
Bangladesh   Visa required
Britain 180 days  
Canada 90 days  
China   See below
European Union 90 days  
India 14 days  
Indonesia 30 days  
Iran and Iraq   Visa required
Israel 90 days  
Japan 90 days  
Kazakhstan 14 days  
Korea 90 days  
Laos, Myanmar   Visa required
Malaysia 90 days  
Mongolia 14 days  
New Zealand 90 days  
Pakistan   Visa required
Philippines 14 days  
Saudi Arabia 30 days  
Singapore 90 days  
South Africa 30 days  
Thailand 30 days  
UAE 30 days  
USA 90 days  
Vietnam   Visa required


For most EU countries 90 days; in general eastern Europe, e.g. Bulgaria, Russia 14 days

Special arrangements pertain to Chinese nationals entering from mainland China, see here

For entry to Hong Kong of overseas Chinese and Chinese residents of Taiwan: see here

In case of need of Supporting document for Visa application, please contact us by e-mail at asca13@ust.hk giving your full details.

For General Information about the AsCA13 conference click here.